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Encanis System




Pendragon Sector


Segmentum Tempestus


Imperium of Mankind


Civilized World


9.8 Billion

Tithe Grade

Decuma Prima

Planetary Governor

Queen on High Arbastra Numoleon

Planetary Defense Force

The Shield Host

Abthruin is a Cililized World located within the Pendragon Sector in the Segmentum Tempestus. Abthruin is an Inter-Sector located on the fringes of the Pendragon Sector. As a result it is largely considered to be a backwater planet that is too far distant from centers of political or economic activity to be of any real significance. Despite this Abthruin is a planet that has garner a great deal of offworld attention due to a number of oddities. Amongst these are populations of Exodite Eldar and Feral Orks living on the planet, as well as ruins and artifacts from the now extinct species of Xenos called the Graelings. Most interesting of all is the near mythical Kvolsandrig, better known as the Tree of Judgement. To offworlders Abthruin is a world filled with hayseeds immersed in their odd culture and superstitions, but also filled with knowledge and treasures of great worth and danger. It is thus of little surprise that the adventurous and the curious often make their way to Abthruin, but in spite of this Abthruin's natives maintain a culture and identity that is distinctly (and some say stubbornly) their own.