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Black Arms




Post-20th Founding

Successors of

Imperial Fists


<900 Marines


Rogal Dorn

Chapter Master





Imperium of Man


Dark Red, Black


Black Arms is a Loyalist Chapter, descended from the Imperial Fists. The Black Arms specialize in Guerilla Warfare, Fast Attack and Assymetric Warfare


The Marine called Mathyar Blackarm was the founder of the Black Arms. He was originally an Imperial Fists Captain, of the 3rd Company. A massacre occured at the Black Arms unknown homeworld, which was at the time besieged by Tyranids. Along with the 4th Company, they were to cleanse the world, but it didn't go as planned. Many were killed, and the 4th Company was left without a captain. With no time to find another, Mathyar took command of the companies, and led the planetary defense. He was to cleanse the hive known as Qosus Barra, and move on to the wilderness outside the city to destroy the main hive of the Hive Fleet tendril's ground-forces. Doing this might repel the Tyranids from the planet, and will bring him and his Marines great glory. Though, after the battle, it seemed like they were stranded. They begun to rebuild the cities that used to be on the planet, with help from Civilians. The Marines begun to bond with the Planet and it's people, and eventually they began recruiting. They used the geneseed of their dead brothers from the battles, which the Apothecaries had collected and stored. Soon they had 150 marines at their disposal, and they begun creating something similar to an Imperial Guard regiment. The planet entered a golden age under the rule of Mathyar. He was loved by every civilian, and idolized by the children of the planet. They eventually suceeded to contact the Imperium, and there was immediately sent an Imperial fleet. What the fleet was to meet on the planet was a whole new Chapter, ready for service and recruitment. They only lacked Gene-seed. They were accepted as a Chapter, and the recruiting began. Eventually they made it up to 900 marines, 750 more than the original chapter. They eventually got new colours too, and Mathyar chose to call them the Black Arms, after his own nickname, Blackarm, which he obtained due to a dark purple birth mark that covered most of his right arm. The planet was turned from a simple civilized world to a Hive World, and it became famous for it's culture, of which was stored in libraries of which Mathyar ordered built before the Imperium came.


As an Imperial Fists successor, they share geneseed similarities with any Imperial Fists successors.


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Chapter AppearenceEdit

The Black Arms don a gore red suit of armour with black trim and right arm.

Known Black ArmsEdit

  • Mathyar Blackarm - First Chapter Master

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