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"We do not fight for you Flesh-being. We have no loyalty towards you, nor do we care for your cause. We fight only because our Father has deemed it necessary for our continued survival and evolution. We couldn't care less about your short, meaningless lives."
—One of the Children of the Forge to a Brotherhood soldier.

The Children of the Forge were a race of sentient machines, also known as Silica Anima, which are considered Heretical by the Imperium. The Children of the Forge were created and lead by their "Father", Rangor Malatron in support of the Cerean Brotherhood during their attempt to secede from the Imperium of man. At the end of the Cerean Crucible the Children of the Forge were hunted down and annihilated by the agents of the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus.



As his career went on Rangor Malatron became violently opposed to the restriction regarding scientific development that were imposed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. While he could not openly speak out against these restrictions, or practice the arts forbidden by them, he chose to delve into forbidden knowledge in secret.

Malatron secretly founded a sect of Hereteks on his Forgeworld, Allormega. This secret group of Techpriest came to call themselves the Galvatek, and in secret began to practice the scientific techniques that had been denied to them for so long. During this time Malatron created many works of advanced technology, both amazing and appalling. However of all the various Tech-Heresies that Malatron chose to explore the technology of Silica Anima, Machines with Abominable Intelligence, entranced him the most.

Malatron could understand why lesser men would fear the perfection of a machine given sentience, but he could not comprehend why the Mechanicus would bind themselves to such an ideology. To Malatron the existence of a Machine that could operate on its own, intelligent but free of human weakness and irrationality, was the closest entity to the perfection of the Machine God itself.

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As machines, the Children of the Forge did not come in any single form. Instead they modified their own bodies to meet the need as required. The result was the Children rolling into battle in hundreds of variants and patterns in all shapes and sizes from standard infantry to Titans.



  • Behemoth-class Autonomous Titans - A variant of Children of the Forge designed to operate as Titan support. The Behemoths are well named as they stand little less than a Warlord-class Titan. Further adding to the horror their inspired, the Behemoths were formed in the visage of human anatomy, they looked like an monsterous example of a human skeleton. They were not only supremely well armed and shielded with abomitable weapons crafted by the Galvatek, but they were also quite nimble for their size, certainly more so than their Imperial equivlents. Often they were seen wielding dual mounted long-barreled Ultra-pattern Bolter Cannons as a staple of their power.
  • Taratus-class Autonomous Titan -