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Dream Invaders

Chaos God:



Lord Njord Oraanir, Shadow Champion Magrelia Oraanir

Descended from:

White Scars

Successor Warbands:

None known

Army Size:

689 Marines, 1163 Guardsmen, Unknown ammount of Vehicles


Late M40

Geneseed Status:

None pure, everyone mutated to extend lifespan


Formerly Jaghathai Khan, now Namagh


Tzeentch Followers


Eldar, The Imperium, Tau

The Dream Invaders is a Traitor Warband consistent of Namaghi Space Marines, Guardsmen and Vralgazi. The Dream Invaders are very adaptable in combat, and they are feared because of this.



The Dream Invaders are split into 2 groups. The general Dream Invaders, and their elite, the Shadows.

Warband AppearenceEdit

They have by default silver trim and dark blue or dark purple armour. The Shadows have black armour and silver trim.

Known Dream InvadersEdit

  • Lord Njord Oraanir - Current Leader, Chaos Lord, White Scars traitor
  • Magrelia Oraanir - Shadow Champion
  • Heihachi Muchayi - Dreadnought, White Scars traitor
  • Uthnir - Daemon Prince, 
  • Zheng Wang - Mare Champion, White Scars traitor
  • Wei Chu - Mare Champion, White Scars traitor
  • Volund Tharn - Mare Champion, Wulfen, Space Wolves traitor
  • Tai Xiang Zhao - Chaos Lord, White Scars traitor
  • Huan Hou - Sorcerer Lord, White Scars traitor
  • Geralset - Sorcerer, Thousand Sons defective
  • Jian Liu - Aspiring Champion, White Scars traitor

Allies and EnemiesEdit


  • Thousand Sons - Njord Oraanir of the Dream Invaders and Ahzek Ahriman of the Thousand Sons have sworn an oath of alliance to eachother after they had fought a war together.
  • Prophets of Fire - ...
  • Many other Tzeentchi Warband