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Florianus Buhoveckey
Aliases Buck
Language(s) High Gothic
Role(s) Bound Psyker
Chaos Cultist (Formerly)
Allegiance Imperium of Man, Ordo Originatus, Ordo Astartes, Lord Inquisitor Jacki Vulsen
Gender Male
Species Human
Worships Emperor of Mankind
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Physical Description
Skin colour White
Hair colour White
Height 5’10”

Florianus Buhoveckey is a Bound Psyker, and former leader of a prominent chaos cult within the Sephadollion Sector, currently in the service of Lady Inquisitor Jacki Vulsen and, by extension, the Tenebarite Cabal.


Early LifeEdit

Florianus has revealed little of his past beyond that he was a righteous devotee of the God-Emperor of Mankind who was cruelly tricked into the service of the Dark Gods by a false prophet who claimed his talents were a gift from these beings.

Sephadollion IncidentEdit

After untold years in the apparently unwilling service to the Cult, he came to lead them after the previous leader had been apprehended by the Imperial authorities. Years later, the Adeptus Arbites intervened on a much larger scale as the full extent of Florianus' influence became apparent.


Florianus' cult burned to ashes after the arrival of an Inquisitor upon the battlefield. In the wake of it's destruction the man proclaimed himself guilty in the eyes of the God-Emperor and declared that he was truly repentant for his sins.

Tenebarite Cabal ServiceEdit


Buhoveckey has a lithe, wiry build due to his prolonged states of fasting. His white hair has been clean shaven as a mark of piety and his body is marked by lines of scripture that have been intricately tattooed into the skin.



Jacki VulsenEdit





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