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Fury Incarnate


"Nos sumus furorem manifestum!"


6th Founding

Successors of:

Blood Angels, and possibly the World Eaters

Successor Chapters:


Army Size:

Unknown, believed to be 800-1000 marines



Grand Lord:

Sanguinem Metentis


Fleet Based, but mostly recruits from Ecedialis and nearby Death Worlds


Imperium of Man


Red, Black, Gold

Fury Incarnate is a Loyal Astartes Chapter. Fury Incarnate are successors of the Blood Angels, but they have a secret hidden in the dark, in the almost forgotten parts of their history. Fury Incarnate specialize in Close Combat and Psychological Warfare


Fury Incarnate was founded around the 6th Founding, by Amogon. They are known to be successors of two Chapters, the Blood Angels and another. Noone knows who the other chapter is, but there are theories. Some believe it is Dark Angels, others believe it is a Traitor Legion, or one of the Lost Legions.


The Fury Incarnate's founder was Amogon Cruor, a Blood Angel.

Geneseed MutationEdit


The Fury Incarnate's geneseed consists of Blood Angel geneseed, and another, unidentified form of geneseed.


Traits and SpecialitiesEdit



  • The Furious - Battle Barge
  • Flaming Rage - Battle Barge
  • Sanguis Framea - Battle Barge

Chapter AppearenceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

Fury Incarnate's armour is mainly Red, with a Black stripe on their helmets, and Black Shoulder Pads, Backbacks, Wrists, Elbows, Knees and Boot soles. The Black represents that all the marines in the Chapter suffers from the Black Rage, and the Red represents their heritage. They also have Gold Trim.

Chapter SymbolEdit

Known Fury IncarnatesEdit

  • Amogon Cruor - Founder, Chapter Master (Dec.)
  • Theophilos Urenus - Grand Lord (Dec.)

Allies and EnemiesEdit


  • Hell Guard - ...
  • Black Templars - The Black Templars and the Fury Incarnate first batteled with eachother when it was made need of huge numbers of marines, and exeptional tactical adaption. The Grand Lord and High Marshal at the time forged a friendship and alliance between the two Chapters.
  • The Inquisition - The Fury Incarnate don't really care about the Inquisition, but when the Inquisition found out about their geneseed, they sent 100 psykers(10 to each company) to keep the Fury Incarnate in check


  • Blaze Ravens - The Fury Incarnate and Blaze Ravens have very opposing sights on combat. Where the Blaze Ravens focus on defence, the Fury Incarnate focus in offense.


  • Fury Incarnate's Scheme was created at Tardir grandmother's house, when his mother and grandmother were chatting and he was bored.
  • Fury Incarnate's themesong is Neurological - Snake Kick(Snake Fist Metal Cover)