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Gold Lions
Gold Lions
Gold Lions


No respite for the wicked!

Successors of

Bronze Lions


Roboute Guilliman




Fleet Based



"We have recieved a balckened inheritance from our forefathers, but through our unyeilding effort it will someday shine like gold!"
—Anonymous Gold Lion Marine

The Gold Lions a young, but prolific Chapter of Space Marines descended from the Primarch Roboute Guilliman. Founded during the 25th Founding, the Gold Lions possess an excess of Battle Honours that is unusual for a Chapter of their tender age. The Gold Lions are a successor of the Bronze Lions Chapter, who in turn are successors of the Silver Lions. Roughly two millenia ago the Silver Lions Chapter turned to Chaos, forsaking their sacred duty to the Emperor. A thousand years later the Gallican Sector, which the Silver Lions were based in, and the Bronze Lions currently are based in has come under quarantine, and it seems the Gallican Sector and the Bronze Lions may fall. These two facts have caused the Gold Lions to believe that their bloodline is cursed because of the Silver Lions' betrayal, and that the Emperor stands in judgement of them. Thus the Gold Lions have come to believe that in order to retain their honor in the emperor's eyes, and avoid doom at his displeasure they need to be beyond excellent as a Chapter. Thus the zealous Gold Lions go out of their way to prove their devotion to the Emperor, going to extreme measures to prove their purity and righteousness.



"We're getting there...much closer now."
Douchard Bagge thinking about metallic lion themed marines.