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Iron Scorpions Chapter
The Chapter's Icon
An Iron Brother (Equivalent to the role of Tactical Marine) of the fifth brotherhood.
Space Marine Chapter
Founding 13th
Legion number CMXIX
Primarch Rogal Dorn
Chapter Master Iron Warden Urexus Banesword
Homeworld Fleet bound
Fortress Flagship "Phalanx 87"
Allies Notably: Incinerators, Sons of Thor, Storm Eagles
Size (marines) Approximately 2000 marines
Specialty Urban warfare, siege, space and zero gravity combat
Battle cry "Hold foolish arrogance below us as a mere stepping stones of the past, onwards to our future glory!"
Colours Matte black, Yellow-Green, Silver
"Change is blasphemy, arrogance is sin"
—Iron Champion Tharkon Stormforge, second brotherhood

The Iron Scorpions are an illustrious chapter of Space Marines. Bearing the gene seed of the primarch Rogal Dorn, they are a proud and honourable successor chapter of the Imperial Fists, having being called into existence during the thirteenth founding. They retain a cumbersome force of approximately two-thousand marines at their disposal.

They are most famed for their iron wills, fearlessness and vigorous dedication to the God-Emperor. They oppose arrogance, self-proclamation and even change as foolish practices, and that any true honour and skill should be proven in deeds alone, not petty words and through new technology that is always prone to malfunction, and on top of that, new technology always risks that of giving birth again to the dark age of technology. This rigid and almost naively unchanging system has been cast in time to be well-shown by a zero change in doctrine for the past two thousand years.

Outside of personal practice and brilliant morale records, the chapter is has proven to be fervent and aggressive zealots of their beloved God-Emperor, believing deeply in that their only meaning for existence is to protect the frail mankind from all threats - even from itself - and they work upon their every waking hour to prove this a thousand times over. They are infamous for being untrusting and openly defensive when conversing to their brothers of other Chapters, sometimes to the point of outright attempts of tactical intervention or sabotage. However, in direct contrary, they treat normal humans with a deep compassion and protectiveness, something that can be likened to that of an angel in the eyes of primeval humans.

Despite having a dark past riddled with heresy and betrayal, today they have proved themselves to be some of the finest space marine chapters in the Imperium; wholly respected by nearly all they serve.


M36 - The FoundingEdit


The Iron Scorpions were formed during the thirteenth founding in M36, the founding infamously marked ad the dark founding, which as a result the Adeptus Terra does not retain a sample of the Iron Scorpion's gene. After their creation, the chapter appeared to be strongly based over the Codex Astartes, following it fully, and by every word, in the pursuit of the perfect space marine chapter. They became a largely famous and trustworthy chapter over the centuries, and rose to a place of honour and efficiency second only to the other powerful codex chapters such as the Blazing Claws and even the Ultramarines.

However, they were never famed for their humility, as the marines had fallen into arrogance. The Iron Scorpions looked down upon the other space marine chapters as only imperfect, seeing only themselves as the true servants of the Emperor. Even the first founding chapters - ones deserved of the highest of respect - had noticed their disrespectful ways.

M37 - Gradual fall Edit

The marines of the chapter began to take risks, seeing themselves as invincible. They attacked massive chaos and Tyranid fleets, numbering even up to tens of thousands, the original number of 1000 marines dropped to a low 580 in only a few decades, and yet they continued, believing in survival of the fittest. Even though they thought they were still a great chapter, the Iron Scorpions fell their high position of honour.

It was when the chapter fell to the number of 400 marines, the Imperium predicted their eventual doom. Only a few of the remaining marines in the chapter saw this future, yet most soon found themselves put to the knife and killed after their attempts to rise up against the other marines.

Early M38 - The Volnash HeresyEdit


It was when evidence of portions of the chapter starting to worship Arzal'uth had been revealed on solid purge-worthy ground, the last "sane" person left in the chapter, had risen to the position of Captain of the 1st Company, seeing the error of the chapter's ways, he stood his ground and called for the re-creation of the chapter. Almost half of the chapter realised their wrongdoing, but the other remainder, led by the traitorous Captain of the Second Company Aruxan Volnash, saw them as only weaklings. What followed was a terrible battle in the corridors of Phalanx 87, the mobile space fortress serving as their fortress monastery. Nobody could be trusted, and the war dragged on for a long 91.2 hours.

After the week of warfare in the cramped and winding passages of this ancient ship, the faithful rose victorious. The surviving heretics, the Legion of Eternal Suffering estimated to be about 200 marines, fled the space fortress. Their last recorded position was somewhere between the perdus rift and the spatial anomaly known as Hadex.

They are now the Scorpions arch rivals, both factions harbouring bitter hatred for one another. It will only be a matter of time before they clash again, and the true outcome of the war so many millennia ago will finally be decided.

M39 - Rebirth and Redemption Edit

After then, the chapter started to drift away from full dedication of the Codex, believing it as only the introductory guide to the training of a space marine, and that all chapter must find their own ways to glory.

The captain of the first company, and now Chapter Master, re-invented the ways of the chapter. He changed the ranking system, his new title becoming Iron Warden, and wrote a system of guidelines for every marine to follow, the Thirteen Commandments of Iron. The chapter also slowly grew to the present number of 2000 marines.

For the next two-thousand years until the present M42, the Iron Scorpions have remained as a strong, efficient and honourable chapter. Highly sought after for their skills in eradication of a whole host of different threats, they are often called upon by many Imperial Organisations and the Inquisition.



The Iron Scorpions are most noted for their unshakeable faith in the emperor, great discipline and overall fearlessness in the face of utter danger, a personality liked to Iron itself, hard, with immovable stubbornness and unbreakable.

Their way of life, and the root of their widely recognised personalities is centred around a rigorous belief system that is based primarily upon the reason their existence and why they were created by the emperor.

"Self proclamation, hate of normal humans, seeing yourself better than other chapters. These are all sinful practices, and they are not the reasons as to why the Emperor created us. We were birthed solely for war, we are his angels of death, and as such, this is what we will do onto our dying breath! We shall protect humanity in the name of the god emperor!"
—Programs like, or similar to this are a common introductory speech given to neophytes.

They hate all enemies that oppose the Imperium above all, so much so that they almost always work alone and unobserved by most of the Imperium, only banding with the finest and most pure servants of the emperor, such as the Grey Knights Chapter. Although this behaviour has known to draw suspicion form the Inquisition, more than ten thousand years of unblemished service have kept their honour high.

They also have relations with the Storm Eagles chapter for an unknown reason, but it appears that both the chapter's owe their lives to each other.

The Iron Scorpions believe in humility, fearlessness and utter ruthlessness in battle, which forms the backbone of all beliefs in the chapter. These beliefs are summarized in a litany of thirteen guidelines known as "The Thirteen Commandments of Iron", upon becoming an neophyte, and for the rest of their life, the marines are expected to follow the commandments fully, by every word. If a marine were ever to break even one of these commandments, he would be disrespected and not trusted until he has redeemed himself through great bravery and/or deeds. This pursuit of perfection is very similar to one of the aspects of their founding chapter, the Imperial Fists, who constantly feel the need to punish themselves for even the smallest inadequacy. Some of them are common throughout all space marine chapters, while others are somewhat unique.

Every Commandment can only be properly followed if the others allow it, in other words, the entire thirteen must be followed as long as they comply with the other commandments.


  1. Revere the Emperor above all, serve him and protect all that serve in his name.
  2. Fear is a promise of defeat.
  3. Make every blow your strongest and every shot strike true
  4. Alliance only breeds corruption, for efforts may be distracted upon petty contests of showing off, or the allies' lack of skill may lead to a campaign's failure. Only the Emperor's finest may ever be trusted.
  5. Show the enemy no mercy, no respect and no pity, death will be your only gift for them.
  6. Respect the Iron warden and all those under his command, for they know the way around the terrors you will be facing.
  7. Arrogance is an offence equal to that of heresy, for only the Emperor is perfect.
  8. The only distraction that may cloud your mind is your duty to the Emperor, hate of the Imperium's enemies, and perfection of the art of war.
  9. Finish what fallen brothers have failed to accomplish; punish yourself if you fail.
  10. Question change until all knowledge of it is gained, for the old ways have ensured our victory since our rebirth, new ways can only be perfected through error and failure - And failure is never an option.
  11. Be tempted by nothing blasphemous, for even the slightest hint of heresy will spread.
  12. Avenge all deaths of your brothers second only to the death of Rogal Dorn.
  13. Obey these Thirteen Commandments down to even the last word.

This rigorous dedication to the thirteen rites have gradually had an effect upon the marines of the chapter. Even though their arrogance has been banished, they still disrespect many chapters because they violate their own beliefs, especially unorthodox chapters such as the Space Wolves. In contradiction to that, they give chapters that seem to follow their commandments huge amounts of respect and would even offer to die for them, such as the Ultramarines and the Grey Knights.


Ranking SystemEdit

  • Scout- Recruits start off as scouts where they form part of a squad, usually in squads of 5-10 led by an Iron Scout. They assume scouting roles and snipers, and wear scout armour, with the usual "No trim" on their shoulder pads.
  • Iron Brother- The Marine has now earned the right to wear full power armour, and have their helmets painted silver, symbolising true worthiness to the chapter. They now group in squads of 10-20 as strike squads led by Iron Guardian. Sometimes they may take specialized roles if the situation demands it:
  • Ordnance Brothers- (Devastator) Provide heavy fire support, favouring lascannons
  • Sky Brother- (Assault Marines)

Veteran rolesEdit

When a marine reaches the first company, there are a lot of roles he may be induced into.

  • Steel Brother- (Sternguard Veteran) Elite warriors of the Chapter, they are unstoppable bringers of the emperor's wrath, equipped with the finest weapons and adorned with many glistening honours.
  • Sky Warrior- (Vanguard Veteran) Just as powerful and honourable as the Steel Brothers, but with jump packs.
  • Iridium Warriors- (Tactical Dreadnought, or better known as, a Terminator) Veterans They go to war encased in the strongest adamantum terminator armour . They are equipped with the deadliest weapons known to the Imperium , including power fists and storm bolters.
  • Are Known as Mithril Warriors if equipped with Thunder hammers, storm shields, or lightning claws.
  • Iron Guardians-(Veteran Sergeant) The strongest of the veterans, these individuals lead them into battle using their great leadership skills and foresight learned in the many years in the ranks.
  • Steel Guardian- The Company Champions, Uniform similar to a paladin's except it is covered in carved honours, and wear advanced carapace armour
  • Iron Champion-(Commanders of other companies) The Highest Steel Brothers leading the companies.
  • Iron Warden- Chapter Master and captain of first company
  • Dreadnoughts- Dreadnoughts are known as Adamantine Guardians, the most revered brothers who have fallen, returned to the battlefield once more.

Specialised RolesEdit

  • Librarians- Known as Ironkeepers, and have their entire painted in bright yellow-green, rather than the traditional blue.
  • Apothecaries- The apothecaries are known as Iron Priests, their entire armour is painted white except their shoulder pads, backpacks and helmets.
  • The Chaplains have kept their traditional uniforms and names.


The Chapter is comprised of 2000 marines, which are broken down into ten companies, known as "Brotherhoods". Each Brotherhood is comprised of 200 Marines. Every Brotherhood has their own speciality and name, and also each have their own uniform variations, which are worn by the sergeants of each squad. Unlike most chapters, the company colours are all very similar, and sometimes the only definite classification between marines are the company numbers written on their right shoulder pads.

Brotherhood Name Number,Color Description Specialisation
Iron Citadel I, blue-silver

Commanded by the Chapter master, Iron Warden Urexus Banesword. The champion brotherhood, consisting of 200 veterans of a thousand campaigns.

Unlike most chapters, even these brothers at the highest level of honour stray away from arrogance, and offer to take positions usually taken by brothers of lower companies. A common example of this is Terminators going into war counting as troops.

Heavy assault, siege. Heavy terminator and land raider usage. Deep striking troops which deploy onto the battlefield where the fighting is thickest, or to a critical objective.
Ancient Scorpion II, White Commanded by Iron Champion Tharkon Stormforge Elite company. Typically called upon for stealth and sabotage missions.
Shining Skull III, Yellow-green Commanded by Iron Champion Oran Dzorhuus Assault company, comprised entirely of Sky Brothers.
Mithril Hammer IV, Metallic white Commanded by Iron Champion Irundimus Volcar

Front line tactical company. (Traditionally)

Dark Fist V, Jet Black Commanded by Iron Champion Umbranax Flanking company (Traditionally)
Guilded Sword VI, Grey
Commanded by Iron Champion Arzan Urhamus.
(Reserve Company)
Fire support, Ordnance Brother squads. Reinforces Iron Brother squads when needed.
Grey Shadow VII, Dark Grey Commanded by Iron Champion Drhakus Maulax. Second line tactical company (Traditionally)
Spectral Flame VIII, Metallic black Commanded by Iron Champion Xavius Unreich Third line tactical company
Steel Wrath IX, Gunmetal grey Commanded by Iron Champion Zan Thur Vorrack Fourth line tactical company
Iron Sheild X, (No trim)
Commanded by Scout Captain Kranthax Quarzun.
(Reserve Company)
Reconnaissance, capturing objectives


Brotherhood Number, Doctrine Troops and Armaments
I, Seige Company
  • 20 squads of terminators (average deployment ratio), approx 5 per squad.
    • Included Iron Warden Urexus's squad (Squad 01), with retinue of four other of the finest warriors within the chapter, including Steel Guardian Centrux
  • 5 Steel Brother squads, approx 5 per squad
  • 10 Sky Warrior squads, approx 5 per squad
  • 25 (approx) other marines allocated to vehicle duties.
  • Five Ironclad Dreadnoughts. One of which is the company Chaplain, Brother Silicus
  • Ten Land Raiders
  • Fifteen Rhino Transports
  • Eight Thunderhawk gunships on standby
III, Assault Company
  • 12 Assault marine squads, 10 per squad (Broken down to 24 for urban environments)
  • 16 land speeder squads, 5 per squad. Intended for flanking.
  • Ten Whirlwinds for fire support

Notable MembersEdit

(Excerpt according to Iron Scorpions ref file 879.44 on Phalanx 87 librarus database)

Iron Warden Urexus BaneswordEdit

Chapter Master of the Iron Scorpions Chapter, Aged approx. 500 years old. He himself pulled the chapter back from heresy, banished their arrogance, and under his leadership have led to the chapter one of the most feared force of Astartes on countless worlds. Recruited from non-chapter world Libuth Avtus.

Iron Champion Tharkon StormforgeEdit

Recruited from then corruption-ridden hive world of Llars V, Tharkon was rumoured to be the head of a multi-faceted criminal organisation which bent the population of world to it's whim with the constant admission of a docility drug put into the water supply. With the arrival of the Iron Scorpion's chapter fleet, it is said that he met with Urexus Personally, which followed in him relinquishing his position, and handing over the world to the Chapter, to be purified of taint and revolutionised into the thriving world it has become today.

Iron Champion Oran DzorhuusEdit

The dark-skinned champion of the third brotherhood, recruited from the barbaric world of Tyshwa. Since his recruitment into the chapter, his apparently dark and murderous past as a tribal chieftain has been marked as irrelevant, as vigorous psycho-conditioning has hammered out the worst of his primeval instinct.

Iron Champion Irundimus VolcarEdit

Iron Champion UmbranaxEdit

Iron Champion Arzan UrhamusEdit

Iron Champion Drhakus MaulaxEdit

Iron Champion Zan Thur VorrackEdit

Scout Captain Kranthax QuarzunEdit

Ironkeeper Epistolary Erues GauvisEdit

Relations with other factionsEdit


The chapter refuses to make any form of equal term or even temporary agreement with aliens, including races like Eldar who are willing to ceasefire in times of dire need, or the Tau with their so called Greater Good. The Scorpions reject any vox or psychic contact with mere silence, and work only to crush the xenos army in the fastest in most efficient way possible.

As a result, the Tau Empire has officially declared this chapter as incompatible with the greater good, marking them as "a powerful force that must be met with extreme precaution", and that any associated craft and/or squads under their command must be destroyed immediately without consolidation beforehand. The Eldar on the other hand avoid alliances in the sake of self-gain with this chapter, however knowledge of these marines is only spread through several select craftworlds.

Other ChaptersEdit

They are known to be allied with Storm Eagles, Grey Knights and Sons of Thor because of their selflessness and extreme dedication to their duty. They respect the Incinerators Chapter for their admirable selflessness and how that have not faltered despite the demands of their thousand-year crusade against aliens.

Though the chapter has served with the Grey Knights multiple times, only the Chapter Librarians above Epistolary (which perform the scouring) and Urexus Banesword himself are permitted to retain their memories of the events. Every other marine of the chapter are telepathically scoured of any memories of the events, being told immediately after as the cause being an extremely rare gene-seed flaw.

Amongst the many chapters they distrust and even outright ignore, they hold the Blazing Claws, the Solar Legion and Onyx Knights above all others with disposition for various reasons, the Claws for having faith in the Machine Spirit, the Onyx Knights for their "unorthodox motives", and the Solar Legion for their despicable arrogance.

Amongst the greater chapters of the Imperium, in particular the Scorpions appear to have a stern annoyance towards the Dark Angels, Space Wolves and their successors, as well as the Red Scorpions, however this is balanced out by their great accomplishments, to the likes of which the Scorpions can only dream of.


Being that they have no home world, the Iron Scorpions recruit via different methods than to most chapters. Like the Black Templars, the chapter established recruitment fortresses on most worlds they conquer. They only select a few Neophytes each year from each world, usually the finest warriors available from the planets. Being that there are so few Neophytes for each training centre, each marine are able to receive huge amounts of complex training because of the time saved.

Known recruitment worlds include Llars VI, Llars V, Umbra Prime, Norus, Sevrus, Ak-boor, Taboo X, Taboo Prime, Acma, Voryus, Skadi and Tyshwa

Combat doctrineEdit

The only thing the Iron Scorpions haven't fully abandoned from the Codex Astartes,is the tactical information inside. It holds the basis for Imperial cities, giving blueprints for certain buildings and road systems, and also issuing a standard outline for defences; the Codex also gives guidelines for keeping Imperial populations in line, prescribing social structures and PDF recruitment techniques. Other than that, they have built upon the battle methods inside the book, making some of their tactics quite unique, but rather effective for most adequate battlefield situations.


Amongst all their numerable qualities, Iron Scorpions are liberally criticized on their sub-par deployment speeds onto the battlefield. Whilst the core reason has proved unobservable, the chapters immense and impractical size, as well as their unchanged use of archaic and out-dates tactics play an highly likely role in the cause and catalyst of this issue.

Whilst their staunch attitudes on the face of any situation regardless of danger and unshakeable morale does come into a venerable reliability during the heat of most battle situations, it is often advised by Departmento Munitorum officials that other Chapters and Imperial Guard regiments part-taking in the Scorpions' campaigns to prepare for a lone one-army stand for up to entire days at a time.


The vehicles utilised by the chapter strictly follow what has been written in the Commandments of Iron. Their weapons allow for a high degree of specialised types of warfare, particularly siege and infiltration tactic.

Vehicles courtesy of User:Thomaslove92. Thanks!

Image Description

There are a considerable number of dreadnoughts within the chapter, of which are specially entitled Adamantine Guardians, most of which are veterans of the Volnash heresy. They provide invaluable heavy fire support and melee damage, and are essential during siege attacks.

There are known to be eleven active dreadnoughts, however more may still be long dormant in the deep catacombs of Phalanx 87. Others of the famous include Brother Azruks, Brother Ephrus, Brother Oryx and Brother Zaehus.

160px Rarely going into war without them, the Land Raiders are the crown jewel of the Scorpion's siege tactics, striking terminator squads deep into enemy territory whilst delivering their legendary fire-power to the unwary foe.
160px Land speeders are commonly put into field use with infiltration missions. Sacrificing speed capabilities, the pilots tend to turn the grav resistance down low to minimize noise and to allow high manoeuvrability in cramped urban environments.
160px Essential for transporting Iron Brothers across the field safely, Rhinos are a common adversary.

Battle CryEdit

"Hold arrogance and change below us as a mere stepping stones on the past, onwards to our future glory!"

Also known to use the following alternate mottoes:

"We strike with the wrath of Rogal Dorn and the Emperor!"

"Iron willed, striking them down with the strength of Steel!"

"From the shadows we strike! No Mercy!"


Being a fleet bound chapter, the entire chapter are based in a large space fleet. Below are listed the most important and commonly seen vessels in the fleet, though usually a massive amount of associated crafts accompany them.
  • The Iron Citadel (Phalanx 87)- Mobile space fortress, rumoured to be older than the chapter itself. It is the Fortress-monastery Iron Scorpions. This fortress is also home the the first brotherhood.
  • Dorn's Revenge- Battle barge, flagship of the Iron Scorpions Fleet. It is also the headquarters of 2nd Brotherhood.
  • Rune Lance II- Strike Cruiser, 3rd Brotherhood, the Rune Lance I was destroyed during an encounter with Hive Fleet Kraken.
  • Iron Voyager- Strike Cruiser, 4th Brotherhood.
  • Dark Spire- Strike Cruiser, 5th Brotherhoods.
  • Doomblade- Strike Cruiser, 6th Brotherhood.
  • Storm's shadow- Strike Cruiser, 7th Brotherhood.
  • Grey Phantom- Strike Cruiser, 8th Brotherhood.
  • White Scorpion III- Strike Cruiser, 9th Brotherhood, originally known as the Black scorpion, the Black Scorpion I was horribly wrecked after many crusades, and was rebuilt to form Black scorpion II. This ship was again destroyed beyond repair, and being declared as cursed, the ship was deserted, and a brand new strike cruiser was built, renamed the White scorpion III.


Crusade of RedemptionEdit

++ Brotherhoods I and IV sent to quell Necron uprising. Met with considerable resistance from several other Xeno attacks, each present for their own personal measures. -- Sons of Thor Chapter provided aid. Unknown amount.

  • Orks exterminated
  • Eldar defeated
  • Necrons phased out after small losses
  • Tau retreat

Decisive Space Marine victory++

Operation ShrikeEdit

"We knew full-well that the Tau were wholly incapable of victories through the means of close-combat. As such, that Is exactly what we went to war equipped for. The logic couldn't be any more clear - and we felt the need to set an example for the other Astartes that composed the other factions of the operation of how true war is waged, In the hope that they too can achieve glory!"
—Oran Dzhoruus of the 3rd brotherhood on the operation

++ Third Brotherhood currently on active duty. Status unknown

Imperial reinforcements

(Additional records are yet to be processed)++

Genetic TraitsEdit

The gene-seed of this chapter have mutated, affecting some of the organs implanted during the creation if all space marines. having many major and minor effects.

Major flaws

The Lyman's ear implantation has evolved to were the marine can hear subsonic sound waves, mostly caused by distant tremors. This skill adds to their fighting abilities in cramped spaces such as space hulks and hive cities, detecting nearby enemies, however high volume environments have proved difficult for many members of the chapter without prior training. Their black carapace organ is also overgrown to the point where their skin seems to be stiff, a condition they call "Steel Skin.", this is also increasing their average weight making them harder to knock down in an assault or from a heavy payload of firepower. Along with the benefits however, comes disadvantages, the extra weight added by their carapaces decrease their average overall speed, and therefore the marines must take much more fitness training to meet the requirements of a capable space marine.

Minor flaws

Along with the genetic conditions such as Steel skin, the entire chapter have yellow eyes, and their hair comes in colours of black, and grey in later life.

Appearance and HeraldryEdit


Unlike most chapters, the Iron scorpions prefer not to adorn themselves in honours, seeing them only as a distraction, and at most, a sign of arrogance. They prefer to stick to the bare minimum of adornations, basically only the imperial eagle on their chest and the skulls scattered around their power armour. They do however use a great deal of symbols and other insignia promoting their success in battle, examples include all kinds of kill markings, from Roman numerals, stars and etc.

The colours chosen by the chapter also serve another, rather simple purpose, to make them stand out from others, to provoke fear so that the enemies can see them from a distance, helpless to end or hide from their advance. One of the most noticeable are the diagonal yellow-green stripes painted onto sections of their armour, a tradition that began from large amounts of kill markings painted on armour and weapons.

It is quite often pointed out by observers that when this chapter bands with the Storm Eagles, it seems to be two opposites fighting as one. The eagles being unseen because of their large use of camouflage, and the Iron Scorpions being seen from miles away.


Chapter SymbolEdit


The insignia denoting the chapter itself if a stylised image of a scorpion, enclosed within a triangle. The scorpion is a symbol of persistence, though it may not be quick like that of an eagle, it is stubborn, armed with two peircing claws and a deadly tail as a killing blow. The triangle is a symbol of strength, the pyramid and triangle are both geometrically very solid shapes, being highly resistant to warping - this is reflected by the use of the shape in their heraldry


Feel free to add your own


"Our motives are clear! We follow the Emperor as our divine father and champion. Change: and we risk walking out of the brilliant ray of his light. So I tell you, feel free to change, but you risk a whole host of negative effects. Chaotic corruption, loss of honour, or a malfunction in command. I'd say it's very foolish to think that fixing what isn't broken is a path to success."
—Iron Warden Urexus Banesword
"You revere the machine spirit above the Emperor Himself as if it were a separate god, you approve technology despite it's dark taint echoing the age of technology, and the age of strife it incurred... you're walking the fine line between faithfulness and heresy marine! And I vow to you, continue along this path, and we will never trust you."
—Anonymous Iron Scorpion during the Crusade of Redemption
"We are far from arrogant. We merely believe our system of commandments as a highly successful one, a system the Emperor would indeed be proud of - as such, we enforce the values against you all in the hope that one day you too will see the light in the Emperor's ways."
—An Iron Scorpion's Chaplain after being noted as "arrogantly upholding their self-proclaimed beliefs"


"Their aggressive opposition to change have led them to be very superstitious and judgemental. Foolish as always, I'm counting down the years until they have another heated skirmish with some outcast unorthodox chapter."
—Grand Paladin Ardus Ortocus of the Blazing Claws
"If they weren't such powerful and might I say stubborn fighters, their extremely predictable and unchanging tactics would have spelt their end long ago."
—Eldar Farseer (Unidentified)
"At last... a chapter that aren't pompous, arrogant pricks. Emperor be blessed!"
—Commissar serving under the 51st Vittorian Brigade
"Over-zealous to the point of damaging to themselves and others, their inability to change and adopt new ways will lead to their downfall, and I dont plan to be there when they burn in their own rightious fury."
—Zephyer Kize, 3rd Captain Invokers chapter
"Bagge Expedition Supply has some exciting new items on offer...I'm kidding! Here's your usual ten thousand pounds of Whey. Enjoy!"
Douchard Bagge