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"My brother, life is what you make it. So be sure to make the best of it."

Lin Terglim
Lin Terglim, Chapter Master of the Blood Talons










Imperium of Man


Chapter Master




Lin Terglim is the Chapter Master of the Blood Talons as of 084.M41, Lin Terglim led the defense upon the world of Garstash when it was assaulted by a large Ork Waaagh force. Lin suffered injuries while in combat with the Ork Warboss within the capital of Garstash. Lin was put into statis after he sustained his serious injuries and was taken out of the rest of the battle on Garstash, however with the death of their Warboss, the orks were soon defeated and Garstash was retaken. Lin Terglim was taken out of statis and to the suprise of his brothers, was able to overcome his injuries by pure willpower and led his chapter offworld, leaving 2 full companies to safeguard Garstash from further attacks. And continues to lead his chapter to this day.

Early LifeEdit

Lin's early life is shrouded in mystery, the only known fact is that Lin was raised upon the Blood Talons previous homeworld of Dentir. Lin was recruited into the Blood Talons and rose through the ranks with ease. Finally taking position of Chapter Master on 084.M41. He then led his chapter upon many crusades of righteous plunder, defeating enemy after enemy. He was a born leader, and everyone in the chapter knew it.

The Garstash CrisisEdit

609.M41, Troe Ler started a rebellion against the Imperium upon the planet of Garstash. Lin Terglim and the Blood Talons responded to Troe's rebellion with the full force of the chapter. The war ended only when Lin fell into combat with Troe, Lin was unable to kill Troe after daemons were spawned and surrounded him. Troe escaped that day, and Lin is greatly disturbed as to what he might do in the near future. Soon afterward Lin decided that Garstash was a suitable place for the Blood Talons to seek refuge, and so they made Garstash their new homeworld.


Lin is a powerful ally and is often in deep meditation, for what reason he does this is unknown, but his brothers are thankful for his insight. Upon the battlefield, Terglim's skill in combat is invaluable as he leads his command squad into battle.


Lin Terglim appears upon the battlefield in his red artificer power armour, wielding his power axe, Righteous Fury. In very rare cases wears his Skull Helm, encrusted with various gems and laurels, this helm is rather unusual compared to other standard issue Skull Helms, as it gives much more tactical feedback on the situation.


  • Righteous Fury - power axe that he has wielded throughout his years within the chapter, this axe has a powerful viel of force energy.
  • Iron Halo - Lin shields himself with a powerful iron halo used by the Blood Talons previous chapter master.
  • Artificer Power Armour - Lin Terglim appears in red artificer power armour.