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Na'him Sept


Tau Empire

Planet Conquered:

Third Exspansion

Ethereal Caste Leader:

Aun'O T'au Man're Wa'Kaan Ma'Ang

Fire Caste Leader:

Shas'O Fal'Shia A'vaun Deral Th'iar

Water Caste Leader:

Por'O Bork'An Fu'Shan Wi'xun Ma're

Earth Caste Leader:

Fio'O Fal'Shia Ta'al Eo'tashi

Air Caste Leader:

Kor'O Dal'yth Mi'thu Yan Fui'ar

Known Members:

Shas'El Fhi'Khan, Shas'El Exar

Na'him is a Tau Sept, specializing on Hit-and-Run and Stealth. Na'Him has often interfered in several Ultramarines campaigns.


Combat DoctrineEdit

The Na'him sept are stealth, subterfuge and ambush specialists.

Known Na'him membersEdit

Ethereal CasteEdit

  • Aun'O T'au Man're Wa'Kaan Ma'ang - Leader of the Sept

Fire CasteEdit

  • Shas'O Fal'shia A'vaun Deral Thi'ar "Shadowstrike" - Highest Military Commander
  • Shas'El Na'him Fhi'khan Aak'or - Highly renowned sniper
  • Shas'El Na'him Exar E'nech K'un - Assassin, One of the few melee specialists of the sept

Water CasteEdit

  • Por'O Bork'an Fu'shan Wi'xun Ma're

Earth CasteEdit

  • Fio'O Fal'Shia Ta'al Eo'tashi

Air CasteEdit

  • Kor'O Dal'yth Mi'thu Yan Fui'ar


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  • Yes, El'Exar is named after Exar Kun.