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Onyx Knights
Onyx Knights
An Onyx Knight


"Fight on even in the darkest hour"


23rd Founging

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Black and indigo

Rival Chapters

Iron Scorpions, Blazing Claws, Knights of the Hammer

Allies in the Imperium

Knights of Lupercal, Space Primates

The Onyx Knights are a 23rd founding space marine chapter. They are largely the only chapter based within the Malitox sector. Despite an impressive battle record and an altruistic nature, the reputaion of the chapter varies between Imperial organisations. They are popular with the Imperial guard but unpopular with the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus. Their reputation with other marines runs the range with some chapters viewing them favorably while others call them disgraces to the astartes.


The Onyx Knights were part of the 23rd founding. they were based on planet Trax within the Malitox sector which at the time was seriously lacking in space marines. To this day the Onyx knights are one of the few space marines based within the sector. From the very start, the Onyx Knights gained a reputation as stalwart defenders of the largely untamed sector. they would eventually adopt a philosophy of putting the lives of citezens and guardmen first while on the battlefield. This ideology would come to both hurt them and help them in the coming years.

The first time that their doctrine would hurt them is during an Ork invasion on a planet called Redos. A large Ork warband landed on the planet and began to reek havoc on the population. Several Imperial guard regiments and the Onyx Knights were mobilized in response. Despite the best efforts of the Imperial Guardsmen and the Onyx Knights, the Green Tide could not be stopped. The Chapter Master at the time decided that the best coarse of action was to evacuate the planet, make a quick retreat, and come back another day for one more go.

As the Onyx Knights were covering the evacuation of the civilians, their Chapter Master recieved a transmission of the vox. as it turned out an Adeptus Mechanicus expidition had come to the planet. The Mechanicus had discovered that a working STC was on the planet and had been recovoring it from an ancient underground vualt when the Orks attacked. The techpriests requested that the Onyx Knights protect them while they finished recovering the STC. Knowing that the chances of recovering the STC before they were overrun were slim, and that to pull his troops away from the evacuation would possibly condemn thousand of Imperial citezens and guardsmen to death the Chapter Master refused the request.

As a result the recovery team was forced to make a retreat before they could attain the STC. The planet was retaken later on but the STC was never recovered. It's destruction at Ork hands is almost a certainty. To make matters worse the recovery team waited to the last possible moment to make their escape. As the team were escaping many members, including the Magos in charge of the recovery were gunned down by Orks. There has been a lasting animosity between the chapter and the Adeptus Mechanicus since. As a result the Adeptus Mechanicus provides very little equipment to the Onyx Knights, and outright refuses to train new tech marines for the chapter.

This caused the Onyx Knights to become a chapter with comparativly few vehicles including tanks and land speerders. order to make sure the chapter maintains a decent force of techmarines, new one are trained and taught by the previous generation. The Onyx Knights have found ways to compensate for their lack of of highspeed and armored support. The Onyx Knights are known to field troops of a particularly high level. This is more than likely due to their unique scout company. The officers of the Chapter are all very skilled tacticians and the the battle brothers trust them so much that they would willingly follow orders that would seem insane. The current Chapter Master Magnarius Tonn has gained particular renown among space marines, along with the captains of companies 1-5. Also, in order to meet the demand for their skills the chapter is larger than the codex dictates. The whole chapter numbering about 1500(about 50 extra marines per company). Due to their circumstances the Inquisition allows them to field these extra forces, but is always keeping an eye on them.

The BetrayalEdit

For many years after the Onyx Knights continued their duty without interruption, protecting the planets of the Malitox sector from all that threatened it. unfortunately tragedy struck at the very heart of the chapter. At the center of this tragedy was the man that held the rank of Chapter Master just previous to Magnarius.

The Chapter Master's name was Malaki Corvis. Under him the chapter experianced a period of glory that it had never known before and has not come again. Despite the disputed reputation of the chapter as a whole, Malaki was widely considered one of the greatest space marine Chapter Masters of his time. He even gained favorable mention from Dante of the Blood Angels and Marneus Calgar of the Ultramarines. That made what was going to happen even worse.

The Onyx Knights were called upon to defend the Vortex subsector from an Alpha legion force. The fighting came to it's climax on a planet called Tentorkahn. The chapter decided to use a two pronged assualt, forcing the Alpha Legion into a pincer and wiping them out. The main force would attack directly, acting as a decoy for a smaller force to manuever around to the enemies flank and deliver a fatal blow. Third company Captain Regis Drazen was to take command of the first group. Meanwhile Chapter Master Malaki took charge of the second force. When the Onyx Knights from the main force engaged the Alpha Legion they were suddenly attacked along their flank by none other than their own comrades.

For reasons unknown the Chapter Master had turned to chaos. When he had turned and why is still a mystery. Not only had he turned to chaos and allied with the Alpha legion forces, but it seems he was leading them himself. This treachery caught the Onyx Knights completely off guard. luckily captain Drazen knew a thing or two about betrayal and was not going to allow his forces to merely be wiped out. He quickly reorganized his force and fought back.

The fighting lasted for over a month and was costly. how much longer the chapter would have lasted could not be predicted, but annihilation was inevitable. Luckily several Imperial Guard regiments came to reinforce the Onyx Knights and Malaki was forced to make a retreat. He Left the planet for the Eye of Terror. Following him was a full third of the entire chapter, including half of the first company. The traitor Onyx Knights and the Marines of the Alpha Legion warhost would combine under Malaki to form a chaos warband called Ebony Knights.

The incident nearly destroyed the chapter. With the betrayal of the Chapter Master the chapter was left leaderless. The battle had cost the lives of numerous battle brothers and it took a while for the chapter to regain full strength. The chapter came dangerously close to being excommunacated or disbanded. Luckily some of the other space marine chapters and more than a few Imperial guard regiments spoke up in the Onyx Knights defense.

After careful diliberation the Chapter decided on Magnarius Tonn as the next Chapter Master. Magnarius had been a young sergeant of the first company. Despite how incredibly young he was, Magnarius was a true genius when it came to tactics and strategy. There was further controversy about his appointment due to the fact That Malaki Colvis had taken Magnarius under his wing. In the end it was the recommendation of captain Drazen that decided it.

Since then the Onyx Knights have recovered to full strength. They have sworn an oath that they will bring the Ebony Knights to their knees and reclaim their lost honor. In the meantime the Onyx Knights continue in their duty to protect the worlds of the Imperium. Since the incident the Inquisition has kept a wary eye on them and they have fallen out of favor with many of their fellow space marines.



Notable CompaniesEdit

While the entire chapter is filled with skilled warriors and heroes, certain companies have made names for themselves. In fact the captains of the first five companies and the captain of the fifth company are some of the greatest heroes in modern times. The skills of the 10th company captain are also formidable but he is not well known and that is the way he likes it. With so many honored heroes running the companies, the young Chapter master often feels inadequate. He knows that any of them could have easily been the chapter master instead of him.

1st CompanyEdit

The First company of the Onyx nights is just like any other. It is filled with some of the chapter's greatest heroes and warriors. It has one particular thing that sets it apart from normal. Unlike most other First companies it has only one squad of Terminators. The company used to have more but once the Adeptus Mechanicus removed their support of the chapter the number of Terminator slowly declined. The squad has been designated the Lancelot Squad and is lead by First captain Gawain Drekmon. The Lancelot Squad is the most powerful squad in the chapter having lost no more than one of its members in any given battle.

2nd CompanyEdit

The 2nd company are well known for their dedication and loyalty to their comrades. The captain of the 2nd company is Pelanor Kroyts, a marine that personifies humility and loyalty. This company often acts as the workhorse for the chapter, doing the jobs that the others do not wish to do. The second company works tirelessly to support their brothers and never asks for any thanks in return. As such the 2nd company has gained a reputation as the most reliable company in the chapter, if asked most of the other captains would that they would want the second company at their back in a difficult battle.

3rd Company (Drazen's Aces)Edit

The 3rd company is most famous because of its captain. Regis Drazen is a dreadnought that has been around since the Great Crusade. Records state that he was originally a part of the Space Wolves. Since then he has been transferred to numerous fledgling chapters, so that his experiance could help them grow. The Onyx Knights are the latest in a long line of chapters he has been apart of. Unknown to both his current and former comrades, Regis has a dark secret. Drazen has a reputation as an eccentric captain. he is unusually open minded and easy going for a space marine, especially one that is over 10,000 years old. He encourages imagination and innovation in his seargents and looks for the sharpest marines within the new recruits for his chapter. As such, the 3rd company have become poster boys for unorthodox tactics and strategy.

4th Company (The Exalted)Edit

The 4th company of the Onyx Knights is commonly reffered to as the Exalted. Back during the Colvis betrayal the captain of the company was slain in combat. With the company leaderless things were looking dire. seeing that his brothers needed him the company Chaplain, Vornan Talisad, took up leadership of the company for the battle. Thanks to him the 4th company avoided destruction during the incident. The battle one Vornan the trust of the company and with no other candidates he has taken up control of the company as the acting captain. The 4th company are known for their zeal and faith. They have absolute faith not only in the emperor, but also in the abilities of their captain. They fear no death on the field of battle trusting their captain completely to lead them to victory, a trust he has yet to betray.

5th Company (The Junkers)Edit

The 5th company is among the most unique parts of the chapter. this is primarily due to their arsenal. With the exception of the 1st company they are the best equiped fighting force in the chapter. This is because the Junkers, as they are commonly known, have one of the biggest collection of borrowed, salvaged, or looted equipment in the Imperium. The company captain, Raphael Kilkin, believes that one should not cut corners in battle out of pride. Whenever a battle is finished he can often be found speaking with the commanders of other imperial forces, requesting any equipment they would be willing to lone them. The 5th company will also loot or salvage equipment on the battlefield. The company lives by a rule, if they can get it to work they will use it. This is why they have very little Ork weaponry, as once they have attained Ork equipment it often blows up or turns into junk. Raphael Kilkin is generally considered to be a completely shameless individual by many of his comrades.

10th Company (The Shadow Bolts)Edit

The scout company of the Onyx Knights is one of the most unique aspects of the chapter. The 10th company like any other codex chapter is a scout company used in training young inexperianced marines and give them actual battle experiance before they become actual Battle Brothers. The scouts of the tenth company fufill all the roles that traditional Space Marine scout do, but they also preform additional high risk actions in addition. The Shadow Bolts, as they have been nicknamed, do numerous special operations for the chapter, including guerilla warfare behind enemy lines, infiltrating enemy strong holds, rescue and retrieval ops, and any other operation that requires a subtle touch. Due to the fact that the young marines are forced to do such dangerous and difficult operations not many survive to become full battle brothers. This is the way the chapter likes it, as this quickly weeds out the recruits that are weak or stupid and leaves those that survive to become battle brothers with a good deal more skill and combat experiance. Many of the Onyx Knights have stated that their time in the 10th company was the most dangerous and frightening part of their lives. The operations that these recruits undertake are very difficult and vital, Because of this only veteran sergeants of the first company are given the right to lead the scout squads.The current captain of the 10th company is name Telhanduras. He is a mysterious figure that rarely appears in front of his comrades, usually contacting the other captains via aides. When he does appear he is always fully armored, so no one has seen his face. Under his leadership the Shadow Bolts fight in concert with the other companys, supporting their comrades from the shadows.

Combat DoctrineEdit

The Onyx Knights Follows the Codex Astartes less as a set of rules and more as well thought out guidelines to be followed if the situation allows. They have less vehicles and major military hardware than most chapters, so they focus more on good strategy and hight quility in soldiers. Each of the Companies also have their own ways of doing things on the battlefield. The captains of these companies usually base their strategy on what they expect the other captins to do. Thus despite the fact that the companies often fight using separate strategies, they compliment each other very well in battle.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Chapter Master Magnarius Tonn - The current Chapter Master of the Onyx Knights. Magnarius was made Chapter Master after the betrayal of the former master, Malaki Corvis. Magnarius is exceptionally young for a Marine, let alone Chapter Master, at the age of 122. Luckily he makes up for this by being a true prodigy at the art of war. A skilled fighter and a brilliant strategist, Magnarius leads the Onyx Knights to the best of his ability. However, he often feels overshadowed by his captains, whoes experience and reputation surpass his own.
  • 1st Captain Gawain Drekmon - Gawain Drekomon is the famed Captain of the Onyx Knights' 1st Company. Gawain is, by far the Chapter's greatest warrior, having never met his equal in battle. A stern, conservative and traditional Marine, it has often been joked by the other Captains that Gawain would have done better as a Black Templar. Gawain leads the Lancelot Squad. The only Terminator squad in the Chapter and the strongest squad as well, having never lost more than one member in any one battle. Gawain wanted to take over the position of Chapter master when Malaki left, and was disappointed in the Chapter's choice in making it Magnarius. While he follows orders, he still disapproves of Magnarius. He also has a dislike for Regis Drazen and Raphael Kilkin, who he believes brings shame to the Chapter.
  • 2nd Captain Pelanor Kroyts - The Captain of the 2nd Company. Pelanor is strongly defined by his genuinely noble, passionate and self-sacrificing disposition. He is unmatched in his loyalty to his Brothers. He often takes less glorious and more difficult tasks in his attempts to help his brothers, never expecting any thanks in return. He is often called the heart of the Chapter. This is because he is the only captain that seems to have a good relationship with all the other Captains and the Chapter Master. He often plays the arbitrator, acting as the level head among the extreme personalities of the other Captains.
  • 3rd Captain Regis Drazen - The Captain of the 3rd Company and a Venerable Dreadnought who has served since the great Crusade. Drazen has a personality that is not very expected of one of the Emperor's Marines, being quite escentric and comical. There are many among the Chapter that believe that Drazen has gone senile due to a malfuntion with his unit. However, Drazen's unusual personality hides a wily old soul, with a wealth of experience and a true talent for unorthodox strategy. Drazen has been a member of many young Chapters and is a veteran of countless battles. He also holds a dark secret that he keeps from the rest of his Chapter. Drazen is considered a kind of grandfather to the Chapter, and is usually the one who the Chapter Master and the other Captains look to for advice. The exceptions to this is Gawain Drekmon and Vornan Talisad, who view his behaviour as unbecoming of a Space Marine.
  • 4th Captain/Chaplain Vornan Talisad - During the betrayal of Malaki, the Captain of the 4th company was killed. Since then the Company's Chaplain, Vornan Talisad, took over the responsibility. Vornan is a Marine with absolute and utter faith in the Emperor. He often leads his Company using the Emperor's Tarot. While some believe that it is bad precedent to have a company's Chaplain lead it, Vornan has been very successful. He has an almost prophetic ability to make the right strategic calls in a battle. The Marines of the 4th Company believe that Vornan is guided by the Emperor himself. While he has been offered the rank of Reclusiarch many times, Vornan has always turned it down, most likely out of a feeling of obligation to the 4th Company. Under Vornan the 4th company goes into battle with absolute faith in their righteousness and victory.
  • 5th Captain Raphael Kilkin - Raphael Kilkin is the captain of the Onyx Knights' 5th Company, didsdainfully referred to as the Junkers. Raphael is a firm believer that one should not hold oneself back from victory out of pride or tradition. Raphael has consistently shown himself to be an individual that has no sense of shame. He has a bland, sarcastic attitude, and a cynical streak that frequently annoyus the Chapter's Chaplains. He is considered a shamful figure by Gawain and Talisad, but geys along well with Drazen. Raphael is also well known for perpetually smoking cigars, which he gained a taste for after looting some from a noble's house during an invasion.
  • 10th Captain Telhanduras - The current Captain of the Onyx Knights' Scout Company. Telhanduras is an enigmatic figure within the Chapter, as has been the case with all of his predecessors. Within the ranks of the Onyx Knights the Scout Captian has always been a unique post. The Scout Captain is the only Captain that has the right to disobey an order from the Chapter Master, or move without his consent. This means that with the exception of the Chapter Master, the Scout Captain may be considered the strongest person in the Chapter. As per tradition, Telhanduras is not the Captains original name. Each Scout Captain has taken on a new identity upon taking office. A Scout Captain is sworn to keep his identity a secret, and never take off any peice of the ancient Artificer Armour that is passed down from 10th Captain to 10th Captain in the presense of anyone save the one who will be his successor. Telhanduras has lived up to the post, and is one of the most shadowy of individuals, rarely coming out for any reason.
  • Former Chapter Master Malaki Corvis - Malaki Corvis was Magnarius's predecessor in the rank of Chapter Master. The period of time in which he presided over the Onyx Knights was thought of as the Chapter's golden age. His achievements were many, and Malaki managed to gain the respect of even those that had traditionally been hostile to the Onyx Knights. He would later come to betray his Chapter, and turn to Chaos. His fall to the Ruinous powqers is considered the Chapter's greatest mark of shame.

Reason for ReputationEdit

Incident on RedosEdit

As stated above, the Incident on planet Redos gained the Onyx Knights the enmity of the Adeptus Mechanicus. As such, The Adeptus Mechanicus has denied the chapter all but the barest essential support. Furthermore, the Adeptus Mechanicus refuses to ask the Onyx Knights for aid of any kind, even going so far as to deny the Onyx Knights access to their Forge Worlds. Furthermore, the bad relationship between the Onyx Knights and the Adeptus Mechanicus has led to animosity between the Chapter and the Blazing Claws due to that chapter's close ties with the Mechanicus.

The Betrayal of MalakiEdit

It goes without saying that the Onyx Knights were hurt deeply by their Chapter Master's fall to Chaos. Malaki had been a well respected Astartes before his fall, and many of the men he took with him were warriors with illustrious careers. This betrayal was a bad enough shock to the chapter itself, but one of it's biggest impacts was how it made the rest of the Imperium view the chapter. The Traitors were some of the best of the chapter, and if they fell one wonders about the purity of those remaining. To this day the Inquisition and many of the other Space Marine Chapters view the Onyx Knights with caution, and sometimes disgust. one particular chapter that views the Knights with contempt is the Iron Scorpions. This rivalry was started shortly after Malaki betrayed the Chapter. Seeing a chapter on the brink of falling into heresy, Urexus Banesword sent the Chapter a manuscript with the The Thirteen Commandments of Iron, Hoping that the Chapter could use them and become one of the few chapters that could truly be called pure. However, the commanding officers believed that the Cchapter would not be able to adopt such a strict code because of their unorthodox nature. Magnarius politely sent the manuscript back to Urexus, with a note explaining that they had decided not to adopt the Commandments. While the tone with which they did this was polite, it was the gesture that gained them an enemy. The Iron Scorpions saw this as a refusal to repent for their sin, and as the Onyx Knights insulting the treasured beliefs of their chapter. There has been animosity between the two chapters since.

Borrowed EquipmentEdit

As the Onyx Knights are Marines with less equipment than the usual Space Marine Chapter, They are often forced to get new equipment from Wherever they can. In times when they are desperately in need of vehicles and other things they have been known to swollow their pride and ask other imperial forces for any equipment that can be spared. Due to this, the Onyx Knights not only use weaponry and vehicles of the Astartes, but also Imperial Guard and even Inquisitorial equipment if they can find and Inquisitor that is understanding. In especilly lean times the Onyx Knights have been known to lot equipment off their fallen enemies. Nowhere is all of this more obvious than in the Onyx Knights 4th company, nicknamed the Junkers. The company Captain, Raphael Kilkin is a Marine that believes that one should never waste tools that are presented to you. Furthermore, at the end of every battle he has been seen speaking to other imperial commanders asking for excess vehicles. All of this borrowing and salvaging has caused some Space Marines to view the Chapter as a group of Prideless warriors that are willing to beg just for a few tanks and they aslo disapprove of the Junker's practise of using enemy weapons.

Looking Out for the Little GuyEdit

The Onyx Knights has a reputation for putting human lkives first and foremost. They believe that their duty as Space Marines is not simply to hunt down and destroy the enemies of the Emperor, but also to spare humans some of the pain of war. To this extent the Onyx Knights have been known to give up a chance to annihilate their foes in order to save more lives. This has occasionally gotten them in trouble, as most other forces in the Imperium would rather see the enemy force get blown away and sustain large casualties than to allow the enemy to gain ground but save lives in the process. This focus on human life over absolute victory has caused many Space Marine Chapters to believe that the Onyx Knights have become soft and no longer know what they should be fighting for. On the other hand, this has caused the Imperial Guard and the normal citezens of the Imperium to view them with great respect. The Onyx Knights are more approachable than most Space Marine Chapters. They will often coordinate their efforts with Imperial Guard regiments and local PDF forces during battle.

The CodexEdit

The Onyx Knights have considerably less respect for the Codex Astartes than most Chapters. Due to their unique circumstances, many of the Strategems in the Codex are useless to the Onyx Knights. Furhtermore, many of the Captains and their companies have their own modus operandi and as such do not follow Codex regulations. The Onyx Knights still respect the Codex, but they look at it firstly as a set of guidelines instead of rules, and secondly as a well written book on strategy. As good as a strategy manual is, it can only take you so far. These views have made the Onyx Knights unpopular with Chapters that strictly follow the Codex, the Knights of the Hammer in particular.



Imperial GuardEdit

While the relations with other Chapters vary, and contact with the Inquisittion and Adeptus Mechinicus tend to be hostile, the Onyx knights have a very good relationship with the PDF and Imperial Guard forces based in the Malitox sector. The Onyx Knights realize that they have several advantages over the rank and file Imperial Guardsmen and that it is those soldiers that often suffer the worst in combat. Knowing this the Onyx knights do everything in their power to support these forces. As such the Guardsmen and PDF forces look to the Onyx Knights as heroes and dependable comrades. They find that the Onyx Knights are more approachable than most Chapters and the Onyx knights will often coordinate their strategies with these forces when they share a battlefield.

Knights of LupercalEdit

The Knights of Lupercal are one of the Chapters that has friendly relations with the Onyx Knights. This is primarily because the captain of the 3rg company, Regis Drazen, was a found ing member of the Knights of Lupercal. In respect for this the two Chapters estasblished a healthy relationship. On the part of the Onyx Knights, they acknowledge that the Knights of Lupercal are a skilled and noble Chapter. They have such a good relationship that the Onyx Knights even overlook the fact that the Knights of Lupercal are friendly with the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Knights of Lupercal are one of the Chapters that aproves of the Onyx Knights' policy of human life over crushing the enemy. They are also sympathetic of the Onyx knights position as a Chapter that has gone through a major heresy due to their own unique history.

Space PrimatesEdit

Another Chapter that has good relationships with the Onyx Knights are the Space Primates. The Space Primates have the same belief of protecting human life as the Onyx Knights do. The Onyx Knights recognize this as well as the Space Primates speciality in teamwork, something the chapter is trying to adapt into their own fighting styles what with their large number of marines then vehicles. This friendship was increased when the two chapters along with the Knights of Lupercal answered the desperate cry of help from the planet Gemstone IV, a planet who's cries for help were ignored by other chapters and Imperial forces since the planet held no great importance. The three chapters who only had a minimum amount of time to prepare defenses and strategy plans when the Ork warships arrived, managed to hold and push the aliens back for five days. During that time Chapter Master Magnarius formed a friendship with Ape Chief of the 3rd Company, Hurek Icix who, like him was a young marine given a huge responsibility. He even earn the respect of Primate Lord Regladem Furim, a marine older than him. He was also given Regladem double blade power axe the "Blade of Brothers" which was given to him by Logan Grimmar, Great Wolf of the Space Wolves. Magnarius used the weapon when he faced the Ork warboss one on one and prevailed. The battle solidify the friendship between these two chapters, despite the Space Primates semi-relationship with the Iron Scorpion chapter.

Fire GuardiansEdit



Despite being on unfriendly terms, the relationship between the Onyx Knights and the Inquisition is not as bad as the others. The Inquisition certainly don't show the same level of bad blood that the Adeptus Mechanicus have with the Onyx Knights.

However they still remain suspicious of the Onyx knights. The reasons for this vary. These reasons include the Onyx knights' increased numbers, the heresy that occured in the Chapter and their prioritizing on civilian lives. Some especially powerful Inquisitors even know about captain Regis Drazen being a former Luna Wolf.

The Onyx Knights for their part understand the suspicion that surrounds their Chapter. Instead of viewing the inquisition as an enemy, the Chapter does it's best to convince these agents of the Imperium of their innocence. In fact there are even a few Inquisitors that are considered friends of the Chapter.

However, they are still treated as untrustworthy by the majority of the Inquisition. Occasionally an Inquisitors abuse of the Chapter goes too far. At this point the Chapter retaliates. The Onyx Knights have been brought to trial many times because of this. However, on each occasion further investigation has proven that the Onyx Knights were completely justified, and thus any charges are inevitably dismissed.

Adeptus MechinicusEdit

Of all the different organizations in the Imperium, the Adeptus Mechanicus has the worst relationship with the Onyx Knights. Their long standing hatred goes back almost to the Chapter's founding.

As a result the Adeptus Mechanicus does not supply the Onyx Knights as well as other Chapters, forcing the Onyx Knights to increase the quality of their infantry in order to survive. The Adeptus Mechanicus also does not allow the Onyx Knights to land on any of their Forge Worlds.

In response to this the Onyx Knights rarly offer their aid to the Adeptus Mechanicus, only working with them when it is absolutly necessary. Instead of sending young Marines to the Adeptus Mechanicus to train, the Techmarines of the Onyx Knights are tuaght by the Chapter's existing Techmarines.

The relationship between these to factions is extremely bitter. It is so intense that other Chapters that are on good terms with the Adeptus Mechanicus are also hostile to the Onyx Knights. There has even been conflict between the two on several occasions. At one point it got so out of hand that the Inquisition had to intervene. There seems to be little hope of the Onyx Knights and the Adeptus Mechanicus ever finding common ground.

Iron ScorpionsEdit

Blazing ClawsEdit

Knights of the HammerEdit

Ebony KnightsEdit

Sons of HorusEdit

This does not refer to the Black Legion. Rather it refers to a specific Black Legion Warband. This warband belongs to the vicious Chaos Lord Bevid. After the Sons of Horus renamed themselves the Black Legion, Bevid and his personal troops kept the old name in memory of their Primarch. This warband has had numerous battles with the Onyx Knights of recent due to the hatred between Bevid and 3rd Captain Regis Drazen.



"Grumble grumble grumble HERETICS! Yap yap yap PURITY! Blah blah blah blah. That is what you can expect to hear if you try to make conversation with an Iron Scorpion. I can accept that they have a stick up their arse, but do they have to preach that we all need one? Wait, what am I saying? I love their preaching. It is my favorite method of getting to sleep.


—3rd Company Captain Regis Drazen

"You want to know what I think about the Knights of the Hammer? Well they would be a great Chapter if they could get off their high horse and realize that the universe can't be explained by a book."
—4th Company Captain Raphael Kilkin
"You say you wish you could wipe out Ork-kind? Never!! If you did that I would not have anybody to enjoy fighting. The Orks are enthusiastic, energetic and sometimes cunning. I enjoy every Waaagh that comes my way. I mean they are just such darling little creatures. I could just sqeeze their dear little selves till they explode."
—3rd Company Captain Regis Drazen
"Not a good leader? HA! Your the youngest chapter master I know, entrusted by your brothers to lead them. And if they believe in you, then you must be a damned goo leader!"
—Regladem Furim, Primate Lord of the Space Primates to Onyx Knights Chapter master Magnarius Tonn during the battle of Gemstone IV


"Other Chapters see them as dishonourable, but they are a one of a kind chapter. Any chapter can go around and just obliterate thousands of innocent civilians to kill just one cultist, but It takes true heart to give up chase to spare the lives of innocents."
— Lars Skywolf on the subject of the Onyx Knights.