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Shas'o Tash'var Kronel, more commonly called Commander Stormblade is a seasoned, but controversial Tau commander. Kronel is infamous among his fellow Fire Caste Commanders and Ethereals for his belligerence, his extremely aggressive tactics, and his liberal use of close quarters combat. One would think that such as hot tempered Fire Warrior would never be able to rise through the ranks. However Kronel has proven himself time and again to be a formidable combatant, and a skilled commander. Aside from his record he is also a strong believer the Greater Good, and a patriot of the Tau Empire who zealously prusues its foes.

Kronel has gained much of his infamy due to his relationships with non-Tau. Kronel is known to be on very good terms with the Tau's ally race, the Kroot. Kronel appreciates the Kroot's affinity for melee combat more than many commanders. As such forces lead by Kronel often have proportionately more Kroot auxillaries than that of other Tau Commanders. There are some within the Fire Caste that feel Kronel relies too much upon the Kroot, but few would bring this up to Kronel's face, and among those that would there are few that would dispute his results.

In addition to this Kronel is famously intolerant towards those species that oppose the Tau's efforts to spread the Greater Good, with particular emphasis on those factions that have directly launched offensives against the empire. In particular Kronel has animosity towards humans. His brutal, yet effective tactics ruthlessly oblitrates his enemies, generally with no quarter given. Since his methods tend to be too extreme for foes that the Tau Empire hopes to someday assimilate the Shas'ar'tol have wisely decided that his skills are best deployed against factions that are deemed incompatible with the Greater Good. As a result Kronel has a record for fighting against Orks and Tyranids, and has more experience than most Tau commanders when dealing with Dark Eldar or the Forces of Chaos.

Given his unusual taste for engaging adversaries up close Kronel has embraced the use of the XV9 Hazard Close Support Armor. Kronel pilots a highly customized Hazard Battlesuit, and he makes sure that there are relatively high numbers of these mighty Battlesuits among the forces he commands. The Hazard is considered highly unorthodox by Fire Caste tradition, but many of his colleagues have noted that the Hazard fits Kronel well.