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Spark Weaponry is a special form of fire arm that uses an unusual form of projectiles as ammunition. It is incredibly rare, being used almost exclusivly by the Derkallen. These weapons form the Dekallen's standard weapons.


Spark weaponry are unusual pieces of technology. Imperial scientists alond with the Tau are still trying to figure out how they work. Sparkguns utilise an unconventional form of projectile as ammunition. These proctiles are solid slugs much like any bullet, though they glow blue. However, once the slug comes in contact with any other solid matter it changes into energy.

What Imperial scientist have been able to figure out so far is that Sparkguns use a form of energy cell as a magazine, and it is rechargable much like a Lasgun. The energy stored is entirly different and is a form of energy that the Imperium is entirly unfamiliar with. By some eldritch science the Sparkgun takes the energy and actually converts it into a solid. This is then fired out through the barrel of the gun. When the Spark slug hits solid matter it reverts to energy, creating a tiny explosion that looks like a spark to an observer. Due to this appearance Imperial Guard have often used the slang term "Fire Crackers" in reference to these weapons.